The Pop Conference, the signature U.S. gathering for popular music scholars, journalists, critics and other creative thinkers, thrives on the strength of a community that has evolved within and alongside it over twenty years. Its devoted membership bridges the academic/public writing divide to connect people across disciplines, areas of interest and home communities. Sponsored for many years by Seattle’s Museum of Popular Culture, the Pop Conference has now entered a new era as a self-sustaining institution, guided by the people who have joined and shaped it since 2002. The Pop Conference Advisory Board, constituted by volunteers from a wide range of disciplines, practices and passions, represents the great diversity of outstanding writers and others continually taking popular music studies beyond its own boundaries. Working with the Executive Committee, the Board offers guidance on the Pop Conference’s overall mission and other fundamental matters of identity and purpose, while supporting the conference’s efforts to fundraise, form collaborations, and realize its material goals.

  • List of Advisory Board Members

    Eddy Alvarez, California State, Fullerton 

    Jose Anguiano, California State, Los Angeles

    Christine Bacareza Balance, Cornell University

    Daphne Brooks, Yale University

    Maria Elena Cepeda, Williams College

    Joshua Clover, UC Davis

    Ashon Crawley, University of Virginia

    Robert Fink, UCLA

    Daniel Goldmark, Case Western Reserve University

    Martha Gonzalez, Scripps College

    Raquel Gutierrez

    dream hampton, filmmaker, activist, writer

    Jewly Hight, WXNP

    Jessica Hopper

    Hua Hsu, New Yorker, Vassar College

    Nadine Hubbs, University of Michigan

    Bettina Judd, University of Washington

    Mark Katz, University of North Carolina

    Josh Kun, USC

    Summer Kim Lee, UCLA

    Emily Lordi, Vanderbilt University

    Kimberly Mack, University of Toledo

    Maureen Mahon, New York University

    Michaelangelo Matos, independent scholar

    Evelyn McDonnell, Loyola Marymount University

    Karl Hagstrom Miller, University of Virginia

    Chris Molanphy, Slate

    Mark Anthony Neal, Duke University

    Tavia Nyong’o, Yale University

    Lauren Onkey, NPR Music

    Liz Pelly, The Baffler, New York University

    Guthrie Ramsey, Jr., University of Pennsylvania

    Shana Redmond, UCLA

    Sonnet Retman, University of Washington

    Zandria Robinson, Georgetown University

    Barry Shank, Ohio State University

    Brittany Spanos, Rolling Stone

    Tyina Steptoe, University of Arizona

    Alexandra Vazquez, New York University

    Steve Waksman, Smith College

    Gayle Wald, George Washington University

    Carl Wilson, Slate